SkySpark Installation Guide

Published on 05 Mar 2021 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Installation Guide

Walkthrough Steps - Install Licence

  1. Install Java tick
  2. Obtain/Download SkySpark install tick
  3. Install SkySpark files. tick
  4. Configure SkySpark. tick
  5. Install licence.

    Copy your (valid) licence file (.props) into the skyspark-3.x.x/var/lic folder.

SkySpark Licence Options

SkySpark licences are purchased through your SkySpark Distributor or Reseller (not from SkyFoundry directly).

The minimum licence available is 10 points, with further denominations of 10 going up to 50,000 points!

SkySpark provides a function to generate a demonstration database, with synthesised data, to simulate a full SkySpark installation. Currently this generates around 140 points. This means you will need a licence allocation of 150-200 points to operate this effectively.

Licences cannot be split into smaller denominations after purchase, but they can be combined (from version 3.0.10) by dropping multiple licence files into the /var/lic directory.

SkyFoundry documentation - Combining Licences

Each SkySpark instance requires an individual SkySpark licence.

Maintenance Fees

SkySpark is sold with the requirement for annual maintenance. Maintenance includes all updates to the product, the online weather service, and access to support. Maintenance for the first year is included in the purchase price after which it is billed on an annual basis.

SkySpark maintenance is currently calculated at 18% of the purchase price per year.

See your SkySpark Distributor or Reseller for more details.


Each cluster is considered as a separate SkySpark instance, and so each would typically require an individual licence file.

Now though, the new SkySpark Quartermaster licence has been developed to pool points capacity specifically for clustered instances.

Database replication features in clustered SkySpark systems require maintenance payments to be current for both edge nodes being replicated and the central node(s) storing replicas.

Test & Development

There are licences available for test and development purposes, at a discounted price. The caveat to this, is a requirement to also have a standard licence for a minimum of 2000 points.

SkyFoundry documentation - Test-Development Licences

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