How we help your new starters understand SkySpark

Published on 24 Feb 2021 by Emma Eynon

How we help your new starters understand SkySpark

We offer quality SkySpark digital training, available online - all the time! We guide complete beginners through a tailored eLearning experience that uses interactive exercises and multi-media content to truly practise and consolidate their new knowledge.

These are DIGITAL courses, and so each learner works through our self-paced online content.

Our digital Learning Management System (all designed completely in Fantom by the way!), is housed in a web platform. Our learners create an online account, and work through our courses to earn achievements and experience points.

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All of the experience points earned by our students, are converted into donations for REAL TREES to be planted by our charity partner TREE AID.

So you can "save the planet" now by learning how to optimise energy resource to "save our planet" later!

Which courses do we offer?

We're still starting out, so our product range is small - but growing fast!

Our training is custom designed for specific SkySpark use cases. This keeps the content relevant and targeted, with real learning objectives to measure and deliver.

We help complete beginners as they need to understand how to use SkySpark for their particular job role.

So, the real question is, what do your new starters need to learn SkySpark for?

SkySpark for Data Analysis

Our SkySpark Analyst training on the main analytical applications; Historian, KPI, Spark and Energy - and importantly, learn WHY we use them!

We provide SkySpark in a browser (with synthesised data) for this course! There is absolutely no requirement for installing software or licences to complete this training.

Axon Programming

Axon underpins the entire SkySpark platform, and it is vital to know how to use this scripting language effectively - BEFORE trying to apply the concepts into SkySpark itself.

We provide our own Axon Command Console for exercises in the training to assess real Axon Code! There is absolutely no requirement for installing software or licences to complete this training.

SkySpark for Engineers - COMING SOON

Building and Energy engineers need to learn to use SkySpark for a very specific set of requirements, which we cover in our new SkySpark Engineer course.

We guide a new learner through setting up their first project to connecting and binding Points, and even creating their first Rules.

Use the Builder, Connector and Rules applications, while learning about Project Haystack data tagging, Axon filter expressions and even tuning connectors.

While there is no need to install SkySpark to complete this course, we provide a real connector and synthesised source device for EXTRA practice in a local copy of SkySpark!

What does it cost?

Our training courses are available for sale at extremely affordable rates in our online shop. Simply purchase a digital course access code - and you can start immediately!

We also partner with resellers and distributors who may like to offer our training as part of a package. If you have a SkySpark reseller, talk to them to find out how they can offer added value by purchasing through them.

Need to buy - A LOT?

If you need to buy a substantial number of training courses, or perhaps you'd like to become one of our training partners? Send us a quick email and we'll schedule a call!

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