What is Fantom?

Published on 17 Jan 2021 by Emma Eynon

What is Fantom?

Put simply, Fantom is a computer programming language created specifically to write SkySpark.

A great description from our very own fantom-lang website:

Fantom is an elegant open source, object-oriented, software language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Designed to be portable, Fantom also compiles to Javascript, and even runs on the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)!

Fantom is a C-like language complete with { curly braces }. Compare the syntax differences between Fantom & Java and Fantom & C#.

With proven commercial success on servers, browsers, and embedded devices, Fantom is the perfect choice when considering the Internet of Things.

Where is it used?

Its primary use is for high quality SkySpark connectors and extensions.

As a general purpose programming language though, we use it for everything (Including this website!)

"What makes us Fantom experts?"

Who can use it?

Everyone, it is open source after all!

You'd be surprised at how efficient and easy Fantom is to use - especially that we now manage the F4 IDE tool.

"F4 - The best IDE for Fantom?"

Fantom programmers

Because Fantom is a very niche programming language, and rarely used outside of the SkySpark eco-system, very few programmers have invested the time and effort to master this language fully.

In fact, finding a true Fantom developer is rarer than rocking horse shizzle.

At Fantom Factory, we pride ourselves on over TEN years of Fantom experience. This shows, not only in our 60+ fully tested open source libraries, but in the quality of our delivered SkySpark connectors and extensions for ongoing clients.

There is nothing to stop other programmers from learning Fantom - just as we did! We even provide lots of help and resource on the subject.

Our fantom-lang website

Just be aware that the commitment level has to be extremely high on the part of any developer who wishes to learn Fantom competently.

But the reward of creating efficient and clean code, in any number of web technology applications, is well worth it!

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