E-Learning Platform - initial launch!

Published on 01 Dec 2019 by Emma Eynon

E-Learning Platform - initial launch!

Our exciting new E-Learning website is finally here! We have spent months designing how our online training courses should work. Not only are we custom building the website platform, but also designing and creating each course syllabus and creative content to deliver.

We are very pleased to release SkySpark Analyst as our first training course, as an entry level introduction to data analysis using SkySpark. This course uses our own hosted SkySpark in a browser, giving our learners a fully interactive learning experience!

Our training courses are designed with industry standard training techniques, focussing on consolidation and practical exercises. We have created our own learning syllabus for each training course, to ensure that key learning points are identified and assessed throughout.

Much work has gone into designing how our training courses should look and feel, which has shaped the website platform that is needed to deliver our most important criteria. We want the content to be engaging and to reinforce learning consolidation at every opportunity.

We believe that training should be well planned, well delivered and, well, enjoyable! Our range of courses will mean that you can choose the skills most relevant to you.

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