Fantom Factory sponsors SkyPosium EU 2019

Published on 16 Oct 2019 by Emma Eynon

Fantom Factory sponsors SkyPosium EU 2019

We were very pleased to sponsor the SkyPosium EU event in Rome, Italy in October 2019. It was great to meet everyone on this side of the pond and talk about our exciting new business, e-learning for SkySpark. Suprisingly, the SkyPosium events in Europe often take a different character to the US events. More businesses attend these from different countries, making the language barriers and cultural differences much more apparent. This is all very interesting for us, regarding our global training platform, as these experiences generate more ideas about how we should handle language options and themes with our online training courses.

Sponsoring an event such as this, means that we get to meet lots more people (and businesses) than just by attending. We also take any opportunity to give presentations and talks and we were invited to do so here. We were surprised at how much interest our initial, entry level, training course generated – SkySpark Analyst – aimed at new SkySpark users and those who need to use the technology for data analysis.

All in all, a great event and we hope to return to a future event!

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